Kefka x Terra - Puppet

I drew this piece of fan art a couple of months ago. I like Kefka x Terra as I think they’re an interesting pairing. :)

Art (c) Cookierosegirl

Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix

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Final Fantasy VI launches on Android tomorrow, iOS “soon”

Square-Enix have seen fit to rerelease FFVI for smartphones and have lovingly redrawn the beautiful pixel art of the original to look much worse. 

It’s a shame that this is the “remake” FFVI is getting after so many years of waiting. One could almost overlook the poor art direction if the game was on an actual games device- this would be perfect for a downloadable game on 3DS and/or Vita.

Personally, I will be buying this despite how much I dislike how it looks. I know that makes me “part of the problem”, but FFVI is just one of those games for me that I’ll buy every time it’s rereleased. I even own the terrible PS1 port!

And you, dear readers, will you be picking up this new version of Final Fantasy VI? Why/why not?

Terra Brandford and Mog 



hay can i have your background.

Sure! Sadly I looked everywhere and could only find the cloud pattern, but it’ll be easy to make a background like ours out of it so I think it’s no problem: